Making of Diamond with Platinum Earrings

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Serendipity Diamonds has been selected amongst 14 finalists announced in the CanadaMark 2016 competition. CanadaMark Diamond’s 2016 Jewellery Competition honours jewellery pieces with the highest level of creativity and excellence in quality and style. For a chance to win their chosen design, anyone can select the appropriate designer and cast their voteonline. Jewellers entering the
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Hennig Tendering Yellows from S. Africa, Ellendale

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Antwerp, Belgium–Hennig Tenders is hosting two tenders this month that include rough diamonds of yellow color from both South Africa and Australia. First, Hennig will tender a selection of single rough stones from Batla Minerals SA’s Superkolong diamond tailings plant in Kimberley, South Africa. The viewings for the Superkolong stones will begin Tuesday (May 10)
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Rio Tinto Unveils ‘Impossibly Rare’ Diamond

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Melbourne, Australia–Last year, Rio Tinto made an astounding discovery at its Argyle mine in Western Australia and never said a word about it. The diamond mining company unearthed a 9.17-carat piece of rough that yielded a stone Rio Tinto Diamonds’ Patrick Coppens describes as “impossibly rare”–a 2.83-carat fancy deep grayish blue violet diamond that it

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